My darling husband George and I had a wonderful time playing opposite each other in this video.  Yes, even though he is a highly regarded cardiologist in real life, he is every bit as humorous in real life as he is in this video!  He is a constant source of entertainment in my life!

Thank you to the wonderfully talented Adam Grumbo and his team at Adam Grumbo Films for making this music video.  I met with Adam, reviewed his work and looked no further.  I knew he had the talent that we needed to make this project work and we had  a great time collaborating with him.

Thank you to our friend Jan Jaster for enjoying time out on the boat with me and thank you to Ed Hughes of Fly Lake Austin for allowing George to rise up like a phoenix out of the water.  Thank you to our friend singer/actor Ray Quigley Jr. for opening up the doors to Barton Creek Country Club and stepping out on the golf course with George.  Thank you to Michele Melkerson-Granryd at Body Business for allowing me to clumsily fall off the treadmill while George enjoyed a good workout on the elliptical machine.

Thank you to Evan Williams, not only for dancing in the ballroom scene, but for being willing to get hosed down in the video!  Thank you to his wife Lauren for dancing so beautifully in the ballroom scene along with dancing friends Natalie Bixler, Michael Shay, Audrey Higgins, Kyle Goodman, Laison Nguyen, Andrea Schneider, Meljan Tomas, Dan Arellano, Celina Chapin, Tamie Block, Andrew Higgins, Cassandra Reveles, Jorge Lopez and Jennifer Fielding.  We really appreciate pianist Rich Harney, saxophonist Paul Baker, percussionist Mike Kosacek and bassist Evan “Sticky” Arredondo for providing music for the scenes on the dance floor.  Thank you to Ken Richardson at The Austin Club for allowing us to dance the night away in the beautiful ballroom.